Gold Leaf Hair Pin

Hello Dearies, it is nothing much for today's post. There is something that I like to share with you guys. It is called Gold Leaf Hair Pin. I got this hair pin at DAISO. I couldn't help myself, keep staring at the hair pin. I saw it online like everywhere, but I haven't a seen it at any shops yet. So, i bought it lol! Hope you can see the hair pin on my hair.
What surprised me when i entered the DAISO shop, is that they already have Christmas decorations??!!! I was extremely happy!! I bought some christmas decorations too.


My cat

Good day everyone, I'd like you to meet my little brother balloo..And yes, he is actually a cat haha. Since I don't have any siblings, I consider balloo as my little brother. I first met him when I got home from work, and when my mum opened the door, some cat just suddenly rushed into my house. That time I thought he was running away from something, I don't know, but he looked scared of something. He was still so little that time.
This is the first picture that I took of him. He straight away went to sleep after I fed him some food. He wasn't that dirty or smelly as I thought it would be.
 Just got out from shower lol!!!
 When he was this small, he likes to sleep in this position..haha 
 He was very sick that time, and I brought him to the vet clinic.
He always sit near me when I eat something, btw, that was a seaweed soup.
Balloo was 6 months and 15 days old in this picture. Getting bigger and bigger!!
His own new bed..
Love this picture a lot!! 
And now he is 10 months old!!  He always use my leg as his bolster. 
And for the last picture, tadaa!!! Haha 


Eye Makeup

Hello guys, good day. How are you today?
Today i am going to talk about eye make up.
As you can see the picture above, i am wearing eye makeup which is one of my favorites.
FYI guys, no filter.
It is very simple yet so pretty *giggles*.
And yes, I'm wearing contact lenses. Haha.

What do you think? Too much? Too simple?


My favorite cake

Hello guys, today I am going to talk about CAKE! Cake is one of my favourite desserts.
And I am going to share with you my favourite flavour.


Mini introduction

Hello there, i am alfster, born in 1992. Actually this is not the first time for me to blog though.
 I blogged since i was 20 years old.
But then, i stopped until now due to...hmmm, busy with work?Lol.
But hey, guess what. I have finally started to blog again because i kind of miss it.
I just hope that i have the time to blog. Maybe like 3 times a week? Pretty good! I will try my best! Ganbatte ne!

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